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In our daily work, we use tools and techniques that allow us to work wisely and not hard. We believe that our clients, as well as us, value their time and look for new, better solutions to everyday challenges related to running a business. By implementing IT solutions, we want to make the work simpler and easier, and the time saved can be devoted to ourselves and our loved ones.

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We know that no one knows your business as much as you do, and that is why we will not tell you what to do and what decisions to make. We can help you with how to do this. We will propose processes and tools, prepare internal presentations and manage external contractors. Thanks to this, you will be able to spend more time on key areas of your business.
Our offer is directed primarily to companies that do not have their own IT departments or teams, but are looking for development opportunities thanks to IT tools. We are also an excellent support in situations of a limited budget and the inability to hire a full-time specialist.
A interim manager is a qualified specialist in management with extensive professional experience in various positions, including at the highest level and in various companies. He transfers his knowledge inside the company, translating it into actions. Assumes responsibility for the tasks entrusted to him and their execution within a specified period of time. All its activities are aimed at specific goals and business results within the structure of the company. He must receive a package of authorizations to manage teams, implement changes with the highest priority, high autonomy and freedom of action in order to increase the value of the organization.
IT governance is an ordered set of rules describing the processes, procedures and IT rules prevailing in an organization. IT governance outlines the distribution of IT decisions, creating rights and obligations for the various departments within the organization. Manages the rules and procedures for creating and monitoring decisions on strategic issues for IT. The level of advancement of IT Governance depends on the size, market sector or regulations applied in the industry. The larger and more controlled an organization, the more detailed IT Governance structure it needs.

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We are part of SaunaGrow , a group of experienced mentors supporting companies to grow smart. If you run a business that grows faster than it seems comfortable and you experience challenges related to the growth of the organization and you feel that you will not achieve your goals without support, contact us. We will support you in your challenges. We will shed new light on your company and show you unused opportunities.

We belong to Spectrum , a Pomeranian system of providing specialized consulting services for SMEs. </ p>

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