Interim manager
An interim manager is a qualified management specialist with extensive professional experience in various positions, including at the highest level and in various companies. He transfers his knowledge inside the company, translating it into actions. Assumes responsibility for the tasks entrusted to him and their completion within a specified period of time. All its activities are aimed at specific goals and business results within the structure of the company. Must be given a package of permissions to manage teams, implement changes with the highest priority, high autonomy and freedom of action in order to ultimately increase the value of the organization.

IT Coordinator

The IT coordinator is responsible for coordinating and supervising the maintenance, administration, development and implementation processes in the IT field in the company. Participates in creating IT standards, providing knowledge in the field of functioning, used and new IT solutions. He manages and manages the work of IT teams. He cooperates with IT infrastructure suppliers and supervises local IT implementations.

Team leader

The team leader is responsible for managing the team’s work and its support in the organization of work (backlog management, decomposition, estimation, implementation). Oversees team progress by setting a schedule based on priorities from HP and PO and team estimation. He is responsible for delivering project products and developing technical solutions. It is necessary for him to keep appropriate design metrics.

IT Manager

The IT manager is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of ICT systems as well as for creating the development strategy and managing the IT department. After careful analysis, he is able to assess how the company’s IT systems can be developed most effectively. Its role also includes maintaining the ongoing operational stability and security of software and IT hardware. Responsible for the selection of appropriate system components, their integration with the entire IT systems of the company. Supports management boards in setting business priorities and takes responsibility for communicating with external stakeholders.

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