Rocket Studio Values
Many companies define their values, but a small percentage of them follow them later. Our values are special because we truly identify with them. These are the deepest values we follow in our professional and private life. Every day we make sure that none of them is broken. Acting according to values gives us satisfaction with work, safety, motivates us to act and helps us overcome further obstacles together. We respect and appreciate other values, but only people who follow similar principles can work in Rocket Studio.

Values that we follow in Rocket Studio on a daily basis:

We are guided by ethics, honesty and trust

We have confidence in ourselves, partners and associates. We know how to admit mistakes. We react to all potential problems right away and we do not keep corpses in wardrobes. We know how to separate sympathy from efficiency and results. We are open about our problems and we all make sure that they are not ignored. We have a sense of security. We require keeping commitments.

We act as a team

In the team, we believe in what we do and we are all responsible for the results. We are aware of the goal we are striving for and thus we are better involved in action. We motivate each other. We appreciate the efforts of others and give a second chance. We respect our colleagues and their working time. We thoroughly verify all candidates before being accepted into the team.

We provide high quality products

We implement projects that we can boast of and proudly include in our portfolio. Friends from the industry appreciate our projects. Our projects provide real business value to clients.

We are effective and we work efficiently

We operate in a thoughtful and orderly manner. We set clear goals, we achieve them. We identify bad solutions and fix them. We take responsibility and keep our commitments. We make rational decisions based on previously collected reliable data. We have the courage to make and not delay difficult decisions. We stick to the goal, not artificial rules. We do not give up despite the difficulties that arise. When there is such a need, we are able to give more than is expected of us.

We are smart and creative

We creatively solve our clients’ business problems. We try to achieve as much as possible using our resources. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We show the initiative.

We enjoy our work

We do what we like, but we can also do what we don’t like. We have satisfaction in achieving our goals. We try to enjoy our daily work. We identify with the implemented projects even after their completion.

We ‘re developing

We set ourselves new challenges, we like to learn and implement innovative projects. We are open to new technologies and we consciously consider the consequences of their use. We share knowledge. We answer the question what could we do better.

We are assertive

We have a respectful partnership approach. We know our work and we are proud of it. We can explain our opinion in an understandable way. We dare to criticize bad ideas.

They trusted us


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